Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Week on the BEACH

 Cooper and Linken having fun at the pool in Carlsbad, CA
 Linken playing in the sand on the beach in Oceanside CA

Grammy Sue, Linken, and Brady on the Beach

Cooper snoozing while his brother rides all the rides at Sea World
 Grammy Sue and Linken riding Elmo
 Grandpa Scott, me, Linken & Brady
Brady & Linken riding a ride at Elmo's World
 Hayden & Linken Playing at Sea World
 Brady and the Boys getting ready to watch the whale show at Sea World.

Here's Coop taking a nap in the beach house.
Here's a beautiful Oceanside Sunset

The last day before we ventured home we went and toured one of the retired ships in port and got to see all kinds of cool plays and stuff.  Grandma Sue and Grandpa Scott, and Uncle Clint and Aunt Kristen came with us too.

 Here's Linken sitting in a jet....

We had an awesome vaction down in So. Cal and would love to make this a yearly tradion if we could.... can get much better than a week vacations in a beach house right accross from the beach!

What we've been doing the last SIX months!!!

Well SLACKER is my name.... I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted any updates on here... So many things have happened since the last post, So. California vactation, spent the month of September in Massachsetts living out of hotels while Brady worked, Christmas, Potty training, Easter, Krum Family Reunion in St. George, and Linken turned 3. As you can see life had been just a little busy which I am updating the blog months later. Life is still busy but is somewhat normal. The boys are getting so big. Linken just turned 3 which seems crazy he is seeming so much older the last few weeks between getting potty trained and him just acting older, by the funny things he says and his pretend playing. He is beginning to get quite an imagination and it is so fun to see. Cooper is growing so fast and is already 10 months old. The first part of the year he has a cold that never went awayand eventually turned into RSV so we were home bound for weeks doing multiple breathing treatments to help him get better. He is doing much better and is the sweetest little guy ever. He loves bathtime and playing with his brother. He already has 5 teeth and they just keep coming. He loves to EAT.... and eats pretty much anything you give him his favorites are rice & beans, potatoes, and squash. He has recently discovered his tougne and when you stick yours out he will stick his out too. Life is BUSY but GREAT! We are soaking in and enjoying the wonderful California weather and are out side quite a bit. Here are some pictures from our latest adventures.