Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Blog

Hello everyone this is my first post on my blog and let me tell ya' I am not the greatest at this kind of thing but am looking forward to learning. Brady and I got married on August 4th, 2006 and got to enjoy our honeymoon in Cancun for a week before we had to fly right back to New Jersey to get back into the normal world and start working again.

As for now the Gurr family is living in New Jersey. We have been on the east coast for over three years now working in the Solar Industry. GO GREEN! On July 17, 2007 our life kind of took a hault when I got a call that Brady was in a pretty bad accident at work and while installing solar panels. All I remember hearing was the sirens in the background and my heart wanting to beat out of my chest. He was electricuted on a roof in Jersey City and was sadly enough awake through the whole thing. He suffered some pretty bad burns on his hands and was very lucky to even be alive. He was in the Burn Intensive Care Unit for about four days being monitored and looked at by many doctors. His accident shook us up a bit but really made us look at what we have and made us appreciate it a lot more. Since his accident he has had two skin graph surgeries and his hand is healing back to normal. He definatly has some sweet scars to show and a great storey to tell the little Gurr babies when they get here. The one thing his accident made me realize is that life can truly change that fast so not to take it for granted for a second. I couldn't even imagine my life with out my best friend. But yeah life is still great and we are still in love and loving married life.

While being on the east coast we have been fortunate to see some pretty cool stuff we are about 25 minutes from New York City and have been from the Statue of Liberty, to the Musem of Natural History, to broadway shows such as Les Miserables and Spamolot. We have walked the scary streets of the city and enjoyed the many colorful people out there. The Gurr family includes Brady, myself, our Yorkie-Poo Zoey and our two turtles Biggy and Biggy Smallz. We are hoping to start trying for a little one this summer and get this Gurr family growing. That is our Gurr-ate life in a nut shell! We are heading back to Utah a week from today for Jarett and Haylie's wedding and are getting so excited to see them, family and friends! It's going to be a party and once we return I will be sure to post some pictures of our trip.