Monday, May 24, 2010

My DARE Devil!

This video is Linken and daddy playing in the cold lake water. If you listen closely you will hear him giggle!

Here's Linken tubing with me. He was clapping and waving to daddy the whole time! I have a feeling this is only the beginning of his adventures. He is so brave and loves to climb on everthing and seems to have no fear.

Linken's Walking

Here's Linken walking... The is when he first started walking. He looks like a zombie with his arms out in front of him for balance.

Our Sunny Adventures....

Brady and Linken cruising on the b0at! Here's Linken's first tubing expirence me, Linken, Caroline, Haidyn, Fred, and Austin. He loved it...He was laughing and clapping the whole time.
Last weekend it finally got in the Mid 80's so we went out on the boat with Justin and the kids. The water was about 65 degrees but Linken loved it.... Here's Taylor , Linken, and Haidyn. Here's Tay-Tay
Here's Brady wake boarding
The other day I was picking up the house when all of the sudden Linken was silent and no where to be found... I went looking in all the rooms and this is how I found him... Playing on his Harley!! The first weekend in May we went out to Langworth to ride the horses. Here's mom and Linken on Simon and Justin and Taylor on Boomer. Linken loves to ride he was patting the horse and clapping the whole time.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grammy's Goats...

Alright so my dad suprised my mom with 7 baby goats. They are the cutest little things. They are like dogs they follow you everywhere. Right now they have to be bottle fed so the grandkids are loving helping grammy and papa take care of the goats.

Here's a couple videos of the feedings and another video of them skipping around. Watch closely cause they jump in mid air and kick and almost flip... it's hilarious!!

P.S. Adi and Kohen these are for you! We love and miss you!

Linken's ONE!

On April 23rd Linken turned ONE! We had a small party family and close friends. I still can't believe my baby is one. The day of his birthday he started walking everywhere. Enjoy the party pictures.
Here's Linken getting ready to blow out his candles. (He hates frosting... so got his own little cheese cake)
Papa brought over a couple of the baby goats for the kids to play with. The kids loved them!

Here's Linken, Taylor, and Alexis with one of the baby goats.

Here's Jacob and Caroline
Linken & Haidyn with another one of the baby goats!