Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Sunny Adventures....

Brady and Linken cruising on the b0at! Here's Linken's first tubing expirence me, Linken, Caroline, Haidyn, Fred, and Austin. He loved it...He was laughing and clapping the whole time.
Last weekend it finally got in the Mid 80's so we went out on the boat with Justin and the kids. The water was about 65 degrees but Linken loved it.... Here's Taylor , Linken, and Haidyn. Here's Tay-Tay
Here's Brady wake boarding
The other day I was picking up the house when all of the sudden Linken was silent and no where to be found... I went looking in all the rooms and this is how I found him... Playing on his Harley!! The first weekend in May we went out to Langworth to ride the horses. Here's mom and Linken on Simon and Justin and Taylor on Boomer. Linken loves to ride he was patting the horse and clapping the whole time.