Thursday, August 11, 2011

San Francisco Zoo

So yesterday before Grandma Sue and Grandpa Scott left to go home we decided to venture to the San Francisco Zoo. The drive was a bit long and it was 60 degrees so a bit cold for Cooper but we had a good time. We walked the whole zoo and saw all the animals, most of which were either sleeping or seemed old and could hardly move. But Linken didn't care he was entertained and loves just being outside and loved being with his grandparents. On the way home we ate at Cheesecake Factory which made the whole trip worth it for me!!

If your wondering why the stroller is in the picture that was to count Cooper who was sleeping
My little taranchula...
My little peacock
Some type of deer I think


Okay... So I swore I wouldn't ever be one of those moms who dressed my kids a like but I got these outfits when I was pregnant with Cooper and can't believe he fits in his already. So I had to take some pictures of them matching cause who knows how long they will fit Coop. He is growing quickly. This outfit is 4-6 months and he is only a month and a half... Linken had worn his out fit all summer.

Coopers Newborn Pics

I was so excited when Cooper decided to come early for many reasons but one is because Melissa McKinley was able to come do his newborn pics before she left for the East Coast. She did an amazing job. Here's baby Cooper just 3 days old!!

Coopers Blessing Day

This past Sunday we were able to bless Cooper. I am so grateful for Cooper and feel so blessed to have him join our little family. I am so grateful for my husband and all my family who was able to come. We truly are blessed to have so many great friends and family so close. Thanks everyone for coming! My boys are my whole world... I love you Brady, Linken & Cooper!

All the family and friends
All smiles...

Cooper not in the mood for pictures...

*Grandma Diana this picture is for you!! Thanks for the outfit!!

August Adventures....

The beginning of this month we took a drive up to Calavaras Big Trees. Where there are a ton of old Giant Redwood trees. Linken really enjoyed it cause we were outdoors and he was pretty much able to run free. We walked a two mile trail to see a bunch of these giant trees.

Our first Family Picture.

Linken & Taylor
Here's Link, Adilyn, Croline, and Taylor

I SPY Linken... he's in both pictures below look closely! He is wearing a green shirt so blends in quite well.

Link and an old knocked over stump of one of the giant redwood trees.

Haylie and Deegan
Grandma and 8 of the 11 Grandkids (missing Haizley, Kohen, & Cooper)
Haidyn, Caroline, Adilyn, Linken, & Taylor

Standing on a giant tree stump!!

Our Month of July...

On July 14th we took all the kids to Six Flags. Linken loves every ride and even if he doesn't like it he says he does. Here is some pics and a video of his favorite ride... Hopping Frogs!

Here's Grandma Pauline, Linken, & Taylor

Here's Linken waiting patiently for the train to take us to the entrance

Our 4th Of JULY.....

Here is the whole family enjoying fireworks in our Front yard.

Here's Link doing