Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well the last little road trip we went on was to Boston. We actually went through three states along the way but never got out to take pictures with new state signs. We went from New Jersey, to New York, through Connecticut to Massachusets.... we are all over the place. Anyways Boston was great it is like a clean New York. It was just like New York but with out the creepy people and skinky smelling garbage streets. It was a fun trip we got to walk the Freedom Trail and took a boat tour of Boston to the USS Constitution. Here are a few pictures....


Jeff said...

Hey its good to see you updating your blog more often. Its much better then Myspace

The Ostlers said...

This is Annie(Richins)! I just ran across your blog because I am kind of a blog stalker, so I just wanted to say hi! You and your husband are absolutely adorable :) I hope everything is well back East!