Monday, June 22, 2009

MoNKeY Business.....

I am so sad to even have to blog this tragic story of our monkeys.... But heres the story.... While we were on our honeymoon in Cancun almost 3 years ago we found these amazing monkeys.... See No, Hear No, and Speak No. These monkeys were packed back in our suitcases all the way from Cancun to New Jersey... When we made it home off the plan one had some minor damage through the tossing of the suit case one of the monkeys butts was broken. Brady and I spent a couple hours super glueing back together and it was as good as new when we were done. Well these monkeys have since traveled across country with us from New Jersey to California. When we moved into our new home I even based our family room and kitchen decor around them because their importance to us.... Well the other day me and my mom were out doing errands and when we came home my mom walked around the corner and told me I was going to be upset and to take a deep breathe... the first thought that came to mind was oh CRAP the plasma has fallen off the wall.... well no it was only worse the monkeys had falled off their shelf and only one survived the fall..... Hear No made with no damage but the other two were gonners.... one was missing his head and the other was missing well more than half his body.... there was no way we could piece them back together. You will be so very missed Speak No, and See No! We will hopefully get back to Cancun sometime soon to find Hear No his friends but until then he has a new and much safer home in the kitchen on the cabinet!

More Pics of My WORLD!

It seems like all I do is take pictures if Linken but he is doing the cutest faces everyday and is growing so fast.... his cheeks are getting chubbier by the minute. I love staring at his little face while he sleeps, holding his sweet little hands, kissing his little perfect feet and loving his smiles he gives me everyday! It is amazing how much I love him.... even with the blow outs and spit up... He is my whole WoRLd!! I have got the two most amazing boys in my life!

Linken's Blessing Day!

Linken was blessed on June 7th. Many family and friends were able to come and we are so grateful. I was a little worried Liken was going to scream the whole time because he does not take a binky.... but he stayed asleep. Brady gave a beautiful blessing and before he even began we were both crying.... here are some pictures Linken's special day.

OuR HaPPilY EvEr AftEr!!

Misc. Pictures....

Here is Linken enjoying his 1st bath in his cute little whale tub! He loved it!!

Speaking of Whales heres little Linken in his whale outfit! Im not quite sure what he is looking at
but notice his little hands in fists.... they are always in fists and he loves punching already. His hands are always moving...

Here in this picture is Zoey enjoying Linkens bouncer.... she seems to like it more than he does.