Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Growing Boy

Linken is now 9 months old and is so fun. He officially crawls on his hands and knees instead of his army crawl and gets around pretty fast. He pulls himself up on whatever he can . He
figured out how to open drawers and loves pulling the ziplock bags out of the drawer and throwing the on them floor. He also tries to play fetch with Zoey and can throw a short distance.
He is quite the chatter box and loves making noises and even has a fake laugh.
His laugh never gets old and his smiles make you melt...
As you will notice in the first two pics below his mohawk is getting really long
and I have actually noticed he has curly hair so we are trying a couple different hair do's!
Even with a hurt eye he is the cutest and happiest baby. I am so grateful for him and
enjoying being a mom more and more everyday with every new adventure I get to
have with my little guy.
You will notice his left eye is a little black... he got his first shiner
from the foot board of our bed. Poor little guy!
Gotta love baby sweat pants...This is how he loves to sit.... ans it is so cute to me!!

Linken loves playing with Zoey's crate

Link's new helmet he got from Uncle Ryan for Christmas
Bath time after eating his favorite treat.... RED VINES!!

He is a big boy and loves pulling himself up on everything.


Juline said...

I am loving the curly hair! I have to agree that little boys in sweat plants is one of the cutest things ever. Kohen has a pair too but they are starting to get a little small. I should get him some more. I am loving Kohen in his boxer brief underwear I got him to get him excited to start potty training. he looks pretty darn cute in them!