Sunday, April 25, 2010

1st Easter!

Happy Easter!! Linken was pretty funny about this holiday. A couple days earlier he opened his Easter package from Grandma Sue and figured out how to open the plastic eggs on the first attempt. He now tries to open everything like the egg and gets quite frustrated when it doesn't open. Yeah! Elmo eggs!
Cheese!! Big smiles with Uncle Andrew
So I stayed up late the night before baking homemade rolls and cinnamon rolls.
We decided to make them festive and died the frosting pink and purple.
Ummm! They were good just thinking about them makes my mouth water...
Alright so we had Easter dinner with my family at Justin and Ivie's and we hid eggs inside the house for all the little ones. So they all got their buckets and went on the hunt for eggs Linken found an egg all by himself and sat right down to open it. He got distracted with one egg... Here he is tryng to open it. PULL!!
Here they are after the easter egg hunt Linken, Haidyn, Taylor and Caroline.
Look he got it open...
Grandma and Linken
We had a wonderful Easter weekend and I hope you all did too!!