Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Pics...

So in this picture Linken is 16 months old and this is the first picture I finally got of his tooth. He actually has two bottom teeth but you can never see them. So I was glad to get this picture of what we call his " hillbilly tooth" This is Link loving the dirt at grammy and grandpas house. This boy would live outside if he could... and yes he is in a swim suit and barefooted. We were helping papa set up his new pool which you can kindof see in the background.

Juline this is for you since you aren't here to watch dad be dad!! This is dad in his awesome outfit after setting up the pool cutting limbs off the front trees. Brady and dad wanted to do some minor tree trimming and they ended up trimming both big trees for about three hours. We were trimming trees until about 11:00 pm. DAD we love you!!
Okay so these pictures are definatly random and I'm a big fan of pictures of myself but the story is quite funny. Linken has figured out recently that when mommy has the camera to run or not look when she asks. So a couple weeks ago I went to take some pictures of him and thats is exactly what he did. So I decided to take one with him and show him the display. So in the first picture hes looking at the camera and in the second he's trying to look at me to see if I'm looking at the camera.