Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Time....

Here it is almost Christmas and it doesn't even feel like it. This month has gone by really fast with some days in slow motion. Brady has been traveling for work quite a bit lately and this little baby inside me is making me a lot sicker than I was when I was pregnant with Linken. I have been a lot more nausous and tired but I'm almost through my first trimester so hopefully that will all go away soon. I couldn't have suvived with out my dad and the help of my mom and little sis Jalisa. This month has been busy finishing our Christmas shopping and hanging out with family. Haylie and Jarett have moved back home and I am so glad they are back. Well haylie at least for now... Jarett is still traveling for work too. This time of year really makes me love my family and realize how much they mean to me. I am a gumpy, moody pregnant lady most of the time but hopefully my family memebers know how much I love them. I'm missing my big sis and her family but will hopefully get to visit again soon.

Linken has been hilarous and is getting so animated and fun... I can't believe my baby will be turning two in April he is talking so much and is my best bud. Some of his favorite things to do right now is watch Mickey Mouse Club House, play with anyones hair, watch Toy Story or as he calls it "Buzz", and pretend cook.

I have a ton of pictures to post but didn't have my camera at the this time to do so.... so pictures are to come!! Happy Holidays everyone!


Well we were in California this Thanksgiving and got to spend it with my family well those who were still in town. This was the first Thanksgiving with my family that was without my parents. They decided to be losers and take a vacation to Honduras so we enjoy a small Thanksgiving with Justin and Ivie and their four kids, and Jalisa & Kenly and ourselves. Though we were small in number we still had quite the feast. I decided to continue the family tradition and make homemade rolls and cinnamon rolls... this was my first time doing this all by myself without my moms help and boy was it an expience. Jalisa was my assitant and we managed to do it right and even make the cinnamon roll frosting festive thanksgiving colors.