Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The HAPPIEST Place on Earth!

On Sunday we drove down south to meet Brady's family in Disneyland. We had a lot of fun and I really think the boys enjoyed the trip. They don't see each other enough but were best buds while riding rides. I think both Hayden and Linken enjoyed the Bugs Life Land where they rode the spinning ladybugs, and the caterpillar ride at California Adventure. Linken loved all the rides Buzz, and Pirates I think were a few of his other favorites. On pirates he would just keep saying "oh wow". The weather was really nice while we were down there which made it that much more perfect. Disneyland is so much better with a little kid, it was fun seeing his reactions.


Cody and Paige said...

Thanks for finally updating!! :)

I love you, miss you and LOVE to see all your pics of the fam! I wanna see a belly pic! You look great fluzy!

Juline said...

Holy posts Nae!Glad you guys had so much fun in Disneyland. Thanks for putting up pics in the orchard. I have some from my camera too and I will post them soon.

Side note: Next time you all get matching jammies , whether I am there or not, you better count me in. We can match long distance you fetchers! Hurt Feelings!!!

Ha Ha!Love you guys!Ill call and chat soon!