Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Adventures....

The beginning of this month we took a drive up to Calavaras Big Trees. Where there are a ton of old Giant Redwood trees. Linken really enjoyed it cause we were outdoors and he was pretty much able to run free. We walked a two mile trail to see a bunch of these giant trees.

Our first Family Picture.

Linken & Taylor
Here's Link, Adilyn, Croline, and Taylor

I SPY Linken... he's in both pictures below look closely! He is wearing a green shirt so blends in quite well.

Link and an old knocked over stump of one of the giant redwood trees.

Haylie and Deegan
Grandma and 8 of the 11 Grandkids (missing Haizley, Kohen, & Cooper)
Haidyn, Caroline, Adilyn, Linken, & Taylor

Standing on a giant tree stump!!