Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Pics of Baltimore....

This is me and Zoey resting at lunch!

Brady enjoying Lunch!

Nick and the Moose at a huge Out door store!

This is for you DAD! The coolest safe ever!

Washington DC & Baltimore Maryland

Well this weekend we went on another weekend trip and this was by far one of my favorite. We went to Washington DC first and then Baltimore Maryland we had a blast. In DC we started with the Washington Monument, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the White House and a few museums. To top it all off we stopped at the Washington DC Temple which was amazing. That is a beautiful temple! Here are some pics of the fun we had.

Here's us at the Washington Monument!

Brady and Nick in front of the New Jersey at the World War II Memorial
Here's Nick, Me & Zoey! You can tell we were a little hot is was over 90 degrees with 95%Humidity! Yuck!! You gotta love the East Coast.......

Yep! This picture should look familiar... this is the water Forest Gump walked in to Jenny!

Here's Brady and me in front of the White House! It was hidden so good we walked right past it and didn't even know it!

Here we are in front of the beautiful Washing DC Temple!

As you can see all the walking tired Zoey out but she loves to go and gets a lot of attention!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well the last little road trip we went on was to Boston. We actually went through three states along the way but never got out to take pictures with new state signs. We went from New Jersey, to New York, through Connecticut to Massachusets.... we are all over the place. Anyways Boston was great it is like a clean New York. It was just like New York but with out the creepy people and skinky smelling garbage streets. It was a fun trip we got to walk the Freedom Trail and took a boat tour of Boston to the USS Constitution. Here are a few pictures....

Liberty Park & Coney Island

Well on our way to Coney Island we stopped at Liberty Park to take some picks and show Nick Lady Liberty. Enjoy the pics....

Well Coney Island was crazy... It was the scariest place I have ever been and I will never need to go back again. There was a bunch of crazy people there and it was a million and one degrees and very humid. Enjoy the pics......

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Fun w/ Nick.....

Well Brady's cousin Nick is out here for a few weeks working with Brady and we are having a blase. We went into NYC and walked around there last weekend and this weekend we went down to Atlantic City. We have been having a ton of fun. Next stops are Washington DC, Coney Island to see some freak shows, Six Flags to ride the worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster KingdaKa and so much more....... Enjoy the pictures......