Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Baby Face....

Well heres the update... We got to spend Thanksgiving in Utah which was great we had turkey and Grandma and Grandpa Wismer's, my awesome mother in law and sister threw me a baby shower where I got to see good friends and family. Thanks so much everyone who was there it meant a lot and was great to see everyone. After we got home from our Thanksgiving vacation we got to go to the doctor and have the offial ultra sound..... and yes it is still a BOY. The whole untra sound he had the hick-ups and was moving all over the place. By the time Brady came in to look and him we couldn't see his little boy part because the little stinker had his cute little legs crossed the whole time in the picture below you can see his cute little crossed feet. He also kept waving at us. We are getting so excited..... and can't wait to finally meet the little guy.

I had my birthday I turned another year older.... 22 years old. I don't feel much different really probably because of all the other changes going on I am growing, growing, growing. I am now holding my pants up with a rubber band and seem to be getting more and more tired which I think is normal. In the pictures below you can see our cute little boys profile and also a frontal view.... he has a very defined chin and I am pretty positive that comes from his daddy! Enjoy the pics and I will try to post some pictures of my growing self soon

Yes in the picture below those would be his little hands right under his chin....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Gurr Update.....

So I have been really bad at updating this thing. I have been to the doctor twice now since the last few posts and have been growing. Attached are the last few ultrasound pics of the baby the latest is the good news.... IT'S A BOY!! See if you can tell... It is a perfect butt shot of the little BOY! I will be posting more pictures soon.

Well this is what we found out on November 4th
(It says BOY right above his little weiner)

If you look closely at the top you can see his little weiner again

These were both done on October 6th

This is the picture of him and his heart beat! If you look right between

his knees there you will see IT again! Definatly a BOY!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gurr Baby Update!

Well this past Monday I went to another doctors appointment and got to hear the baby's heart beat and see the little thing again... it was awesome the baby actually had the hicups when they were doing the ultrasound and I couldn't help but laugh everytime. It was exciting! So the next appointment we go to is NOVEMBER 17th and that is when we find out what it is.... I can't wait I am already going crazy not knowing what it is.... Here is a picture of me at 12 weeks and 2 days! I will try being better at posting more often as I grow!

Forgotten Summer Fun....

Well when I uploaded the pictures on my camera I realized I am so oldies but goodies on there from when Juline and the kids came to visit.... We went boating and had a ton of fun and I do must say Juline could be a professional wakeboarder some day if she went more than once a year!! I miss you leenie and the little ones!! Love You All!
Juline, Kohen, Adi, Hayden, Grandma, & Caroline

So You Think You Can Dance!!!

Sorry to all... I am really sucking at this whole blog updating thing. Since I got pregnant all I do is sleep, eat, work, and sleep some more.... I know pretty lame but that is my life right now. We are still managing to have some fun though between my lazyness.

Last weekend Brady and my brother Jarett surprised me and my sister in law Haylie with front row tickets to so you think you can dance.... and then after we got to meet and hug every single one of them which was a blast..... Here are some pictures of the show.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Little Peanut!

Well yesterday I went in and the baby got it's first picture.
The doctors said everything looks great and I have a nice "Sack" (baby Sack that is) :)
It was very exciting I got to see the little heart beat and it's eye sockets.
I am officially due April 23rd, 2009.
YEAH! I am so excited!!!!
Here's its first picture "it" seems pretty photogenic just like "its" daddy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

NY Jets Game!!

Well I haven't been able to post in a while but when I put my pictures on my computer today I noticed I forgot about the NY Jets game we went to right before we moved to California! It was actually pretty fun. It was the first game Farve played and from the nose bleed section he looked like the size of an ant! But at least we got to be there! We still had a ton of fun. It was the first professional football Brady and I have ever been too. Enjoy the pics. Oh and the guy with Nick in some pics is Mike Allen he now runs the East Coast 1st Light Office!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our GURRate Life!

Well I know it has been forever since I have updated this thing and man there is many changes going on in our life.....

We finally moved out of New Jersey on August 19th to California. On our way we got to stop in Utah for a couple days and see some friends and family which was great! The drive took us

way to long and hopefully we will never have to do it again! I will be posting some pictures soon. Also THREE days before we left to drive out to California I found out we are


YEAH! We have been somewhat trying and of course the timing is a little crazy!
So on top of the 48 hour drive we are going to be parents! We are both very excited and I really don't think it has hit Brady yet. It hit me yesterday as I was sitting in my first doctors appointment and had to get all kinds of blood drawn for testing! YUCK!

I haven't been feeling sick until this week.... yesterday was bad but I think it was from all the blood they took! (or at least that is what I am hoping) Anyways, I go in again next week for an ultra sound and will be sure to post the pic of the little thing!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!!

Well today was the day two years ago that we were married in the Bountiful Temple, the day we were sealed together FOREVER! Through the sickness and health we have endured and overcome together. We have had quite an eventful two years and have loved every minute of it. I am so grateful to be married to my best friend. He has been nothing be kind, loving, and understanding. He is who holds us together, and is always positive no matter what life throws at us. These last two years our love has grown and will continue to grow forever! I love you Brady! Thank you for your strenth and your love! Happy Anniversary Babe!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Baby Zoey....

Well over the last few weekends we have been all over the place and Zoey has got to go everywhere with us and she has loved every minute of it. She has been from the White House, to the Lincoln Monument, to walk to streets in Boston and a boat ride to the USS Constitution, to our latest stop in Canada to see the falls. She really didn't like the fireworks much at all. She is very spoiled though and has been a ton of fun. Here are a couple recent pictures of her showing off her BliNg!
She is loving the hotel......

Here is Zoey enjoying our 6 hour drive home from the falls showing her bling!

Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, NY

Well on our way home from Niagra Falls we stopped in Buffalo NY to eat at the first place the buffalo wing was made and it was a lot of fun. I am not a fan of buffalo wings or anything spicy and I actually loved the spicy buffalo wings that were served here is the picture of the place and I will be posting so other pics of us enjoying our wings later once I get them off of the other camera. Enjoy!

4th Of July in Niagra Falls

Well we had a great 4th of July.... we love America but spent our fourth of July in Canada as un-american it seems we had a blast. We got to stay at a hip, retro hotel. While we were at the falls we went on the Maid of the Mist boat tour and also got to walk behind the falls. The falls were amazing and the firework show fun.

Niagra Falls, Canada

Brady & I waiting to board the Maid of the Mist

Getting ready to watch the fireworks over the falls

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Pics of Baltimore....

This is me and Zoey resting at lunch!

Brady enjoying Lunch!

Nick and the Moose at a huge Out door store!

This is for you DAD! The coolest safe ever!

Washington DC & Baltimore Maryland

Well this weekend we went on another weekend trip and this was by far one of my favorite. We went to Washington DC first and then Baltimore Maryland we had a blast. In DC we started with the Washington Monument, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the White House and a few museums. To top it all off we stopped at the Washington DC Temple which was amazing. That is a beautiful temple! Here are some pics of the fun we had.

Here's us at the Washington Monument!

Brady and Nick in front of the New Jersey at the World War II Memorial
Here's Nick, Me & Zoey! You can tell we were a little hot is was over 90 degrees with 95%Humidity! Yuck!! You gotta love the East Coast.......

Yep! This picture should look familiar... this is the water Forest Gump walked in to Jenny!

Here's Brady and me in front of the White House! It was hidden so good we walked right past it and didn't even know it!

Here we are in front of the beautiful Washing DC Temple!

As you can see all the walking tired Zoey out but she loves to go and gets a lot of attention!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well the last little road trip we went on was to Boston. We actually went through three states along the way but never got out to take pictures with new state signs. We went from New Jersey, to New York, through Connecticut to Massachusets.... we are all over the place. Anyways Boston was great it is like a clean New York. It was just like New York but with out the creepy people and skinky smelling garbage streets. It was a fun trip we got to walk the Freedom Trail and took a boat tour of Boston to the USS Constitution. Here are a few pictures....

Liberty Park & Coney Island

Well on our way to Coney Island we stopped at Liberty Park to take some picks and show Nick Lady Liberty. Enjoy the pics....

Well Coney Island was crazy... It was the scariest place I have ever been and I will never need to go back again. There was a bunch of crazy people there and it was a million and one degrees and very humid. Enjoy the pics......