Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Busy Life....

Well once again I am a blog slacker... we have been very very busy and have been all over the place lately. So heres a brief update on whats been going on in our busy lives and what new with us...


We spent Halloween in Utah which was a lot of fun. Linken and I were able to fly out to Utah for about a week to hang out with the big sis Juline and her kids all us girls were able to be together even mom and Jalisa and Kenly came out early. We were originally going for Haizly's blessing so decided to go out early for fun. Halloween was a lot of fun minus the rain... we were still able to hit a few houses in the rain but then decided to go to the old folk home to visit Jeff's grandma. It was fun to see the cute old folk passing candy to the kids and the kids loved all the attention and candy. Linken was Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story and seemed to enjoy the trick or treating adventure.

Utah Suprise

While we were in Utah we had a little suprise... on November 4th we found out I am pregnant. I seemed to be a little extra cranky and just felt different so decided to have Brady fly out the pregnancy test I had under the sink cause I was to cheap to go buy another one. So that next day after Brady got to Utah I took the test. This would make baby number two for us which we are very excited about. We are due in July and I can't wait to find out what we are having.


The Swensons said...

CONGRATS!!!! That's so exciting :D and how fun to find out when you were in Utah with all your fam! You and your little family are so cute!