Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The HAPPIEST Place on Earth!

On Sunday we drove down south to meet Brady's family in Disneyland. We had a lot of fun and I really think the boys enjoyed the trip. They don't see each other enough but were best buds while riding rides. I think both Hayden and Linken enjoyed the Bugs Life Land where they rode the spinning ladybugs, and the caterpillar ride at California Adventure. Linken loved all the rides Buzz, and Pirates I think were a few of his other favorites. On pirates he would just keep saying "oh wow". The weather was really nice while we were down there which made it that much more perfect. Disneyland is so much better with a little kid, it was fun seeing his reactions.

Grandkid Pictures...

While Juline was in town with her kids mom wanted to get an updated picture of all the grandkids.... This is as good as we got. Linken was having a moment because seconds before this picture was taken he had his life flash before his eyes as he almost ran directly in the busy street....

Kids from Left to Right: Haidyn is holding Kenly, Kohen is holding Linken, Caroline is holding Deegan, Adilyn is holding Haizley, and Taylor is holding Evan.

Fresno Zoo

Last week we all took a trip to the Fresno Zoo. Juline and Jeff and their kids were in town from Utah for Jarett and Haylie's little boy Deegan's blessing. Juline and the kids stayed a few extra days to play with the cousins and while they were here we ventured to the Zoo.

Four Wheeling...

Well Linken has become quite a fan of 4-wheeling. He loves going fast and riding with anyone. We mostly ride at Papa and Grandma's house but hope to go many more places as he gets bigger and once I stop getting bigger and have this baby!!

Here's Linken and his 2nd cousin Tyler, and here's linken and Grandma Pauline.

Here's is Uncle Jarett taking Taylor and Linken for a ride in the mudd!

Christmas at the Gurr's

So heres the family minus Juline & Jeff
and their three kids. This was Christmas
Eve at my house in our matching PJ's!!

Here's the grandkids... Back ROW: Taylor, Haidyn, Caroline
Front ROW: Kenly, Linken, and Evan

Linken was pretty easy to please on Christmas morning. He ran out and saw his recliner Santa brought and the candy in his stocking and was ready to be done for the day. He got very spoiled by all of his grandparents and had so many gifts to open by the end he was a bit overwhelmed and like every kid wanted to open everything up as he opened it. Here are a few pics of his new toys!!

Here in this picture is Linken enjoying candy at his mini table.

More Pics...

Pics of our Utah Adventure back in October...