Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Time....

Here it is almost Christmas and it doesn't even feel like it. This month has gone by really fast with some days in slow motion. Brady has been traveling for work quite a bit lately and this little baby inside me is making me a lot sicker than I was when I was pregnant with Linken. I have been a lot more nausous and tired but I'm almost through my first trimester so hopefully that will all go away soon. I couldn't have suvived with out my dad and the help of my mom and little sis Jalisa. This month has been busy finishing our Christmas shopping and hanging out with family. Haylie and Jarett have moved back home and I am so glad they are back. Well haylie at least for now... Jarett is still traveling for work too. This time of year really makes me love my family and realize how much they mean to me. I am a gumpy, moody pregnant lady most of the time but hopefully my family memebers know how much I love them. I'm missing my big sis and her family but will hopefully get to visit again soon.

Linken has been hilarous and is getting so animated and fun... I can't believe my baby will be turning two in April he is talking so much and is my best bud. Some of his favorite things to do right now is watch Mickey Mouse Club House, play with anyones hair, watch Toy Story or as he calls it "Buzz", and pretend cook.

I have a ton of pictures to post but didn't have my camera at the this time to do so.... so pictures are to come!! Happy Holidays everyone!


Well we were in California this Thanksgiving and got to spend it with my family well those who were still in town. This was the first Thanksgiving with my family that was without my parents. They decided to be losers and take a vacation to Honduras so we enjoy a small Thanksgiving with Justin and Ivie and their four kids, and Jalisa & Kenly and ourselves. Though we were small in number we still had quite the feast. I decided to continue the family tradition and make homemade rolls and cinnamon rolls... this was my first time doing this all by myself without my moms help and boy was it an expience. Jalisa was my assitant and we managed to do it right and even make the cinnamon roll frosting festive thanksgiving colors.

Our Busy Life....

Well once again I am a blog slacker... we have been very very busy and have been all over the place lately. So heres a brief update on whats been going on in our busy lives and what new with us...


We spent Halloween in Utah which was a lot of fun. Linken and I were able to fly out to Utah for about a week to hang out with the big sis Juline and her kids all us girls were able to be together even mom and Jalisa and Kenly came out early. We were originally going for Haizly's blessing so decided to go out early for fun. Halloween was a lot of fun minus the rain... we were still able to hit a few houses in the rain but then decided to go to the old folk home to visit Jeff's grandma. It was fun to see the cute old folk passing candy to the kids and the kids loved all the attention and candy. Linken was Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story and seemed to enjoy the trick or treating adventure.

Utah Suprise

While we were in Utah we had a little suprise... on November 4th we found out I am pregnant. I seemed to be a little extra cranky and just felt different so decided to have Brady fly out the pregnancy test I had under the sink cause I was to cheap to go buy another one. So that next day after Brady got to Utah I took the test. This would make baby number two for us which we are very excited about. We are due in July and I can't wait to find out what we are having.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm a BIG BOY now!!

These pictures are the most recent. This was last night when Linken was helping daddy pack for his scout camp out. He wanted to try it on.... As you can see he now figured out to smile when mommy says CHEESE!!

This other picture shows his other top tooth!! He now has 4 Teeth! Well Linken is almost 18 months old now and is busy, busy, busy! He is getting so big and lately seems more like a little man to me than a little boy just by his big personality. He is trying to talk so much now and can say a lot of words: Oey= our dog Zoey, mom, dad, I want that, mine, car, ball, straw, bowl, cracker, papa, gama= grandma, eesa= my sister Jalisa, cat, goat, bottle, drink, bubble, water, bath, moomie- movie, bye-bye, thank you, nigh night, no, outside, flower, bug and more. He is trying to put together sentences which is hilarious. He also has started to do the signs he has learned from his Baby Signing Time movies. He can sign; more, play, eat, drink, bird, dog, friend, please, and stop. I'm amazed at how quick he is picking things up. The other day we were in the backyard playing and I yelled for Brady and then all of the sudden Linken goes to the door and starts yelling "Brady" it was pretty cute. He is trying to be so independent too... he loves climbing up on everthing by himself, he loves taking daddy's tools and trying to fix stuff and loves feeding himself. At the beginning of this month we also got him his own big boy bed and he has been sleeping in it pretty well (more like we) because he only sleeps 3-4 hours at a time so when he wakes up in the middle of the night I usually am so tired I stay and sleep with him. But I do must say he is getting better and better at sleeping by himself. Linken is such a blessing in my life and I love him him more and more each day and I'm so grateful to have him. He is growing up so fast but only seems to be getting more cute... Here's Linken with a screwdriver in hand helping daddy put together his new bed. As you can see in the picture above he is EXCITED!! This last picture makes me sad... as you can see he has a hurt foot. Well the other day I was warming up lunch ( his favorite leftover noodles) and they split coming out of the microwave and some cheese landed on his foot and burned him. He had two little blisters and thanks to all of his daddy's leftover burn wraps and ointments from his work accident back in 2007 we were able to wrap it up and get them healed in no time!! So packing around a bin of burn supplies for the last 3 years actually came in handy!!

Good Ol' Farm Life...

Well since my mom and dad are living on out on the 10 acres the weekends have gotten busy with the farm life. It's not really a farm but there are 2 goats left of the 7, two baby horses (Twix & Nilla), two big horses (Boomer & Snickers), 1 cat, and 3 dogs when all of us are out there. Linken loves it out there and enjoys playing in the dirt and riding his cousins four wheeler. A couple weekends ago we also had my Uncle Ryan and the kids out there. It was fun to watch the kids run around.

Here's Tyler and Linken riding the four wheeler.Taylor & Haidyn Haidyn Tyler & Lacee swinging on my dad's hand made swing!!

Random Pics...

So in this picture Linken is 16 months old and this is the first picture I finally got of his tooth. He actually has two bottom teeth but you can never see them. So I was glad to get this picture of what we call his " hillbilly tooth" This is Link loving the dirt at grammy and grandpas house. This boy would live outside if he could... and yes he is in a swim suit and barefooted. We were helping papa set up his new pool which you can kindof see in the background.

Juline this is for you since you aren't here to watch dad be dad!! This is dad in his awesome outfit after setting up the pool cutting limbs off the front trees. Brady and dad wanted to do some minor tree trimming and they ended up trimming both big trees for about three hours. We were trimming trees until about 11:00 pm. DAD we love you!!
Okay so these pictures are definatly random and I'm a big fan of pictures of myself but the story is quite funny. Linken has figured out recently that when mommy has the camera to run or not look when she asks. So a couple weeks ago I went to take some pictures of him and thats is exactly what he did. So I decided to take one with him and show him the display. So in the first picture hes looking at the camera and in the second he's trying to look at me to see if I'm looking at the camera.

August came and went....

Well August seriously felt like it flew by.... On August 4th Brady and I celebrated our 4 year annivsery, we went and saw Eclipse which was AWESOME!! That next day we flew to Utah for Brady's cousin Nick's wedding that weekend. Oh course our trip was only a short weekend trip but was full of fun...

Here's Linken trying to carry off daddy's laptop bag in the airport haha! This picture above is Linken trying out a sour candy... you can almost see his eyes watering!

Linken was a trooper on the plane. As soon as we borded the plane he was asleep and woke up right when we landed in Utah... Good thing its a short flight from Cali to Utah! Here he is already asleep.
Once we landed in Utah we drove out to Mona to stay with Brady's mom, Granda Sue and Grandpa Scott. Linken was well entertained Scott had a cute little kitten and dog to play with. He even had a rooster that was pretty entertaining to watch the cat and dog try to chase. Linken and Brady also rode the 4 wheeler as you can see in the picture below Linken was ready to keep doing once daddy got off. Then Saturday was the BIG day... Nick and Kelly's wedding. Linken of course was to shy to let me go in for the ceremony so we waited outside the temple watch with Hayden and watched the BMX bikers across the street, and had pine cone tossing contests. The weather was crazy and got windy and rainy pretty fast which you will see in the pictures as well. Congrats Nick and Kelly!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jalisa's First Baby Shower...

A couple weekends ago my mom and I threw Jalisa her first baby shower. It was a lot of fun. Baby Kenly got a lot of cute things...

Picture Below; Jessica Simon, Tessa McDonald, Jalisa & Baby Saryn
Mom & Baby Evan

Here's Jalisa opening gifts, with Terry and baby Saryn

Here's Tessa & Jalisa they are about 4 weeks apart. Tessa is having a boy and is due about
a month before Jalisa.
Here's the belly picture...
Tessa w/ Baby Hudson & Jalisa w/ Baby Kenly
They are going to be best buds!!
I can't wait to meet them both.......

Fathers Day Pics

So for Fathers Day I had the idea of getting some pictures taken of me and Linken for Brady so I made an appointment for the place in the mall. Well of course everthing went wrong that morning and we were 15 minutes late well they had me wait over two hours and by the time they could get us in Linken was ready for a nap and we got one pitcure taken before he was screaming. So Jalisa and I did our best to take some ourselves and as you can see we are no pro's... In this first and only picture of me and Link he is trying to run away... He's figured out that when the camera is out to look away no matter what I do to get his attention.

Jalisa's Temple Day

On June 4th Jalisa was able to go through the temple. Everyone was here but Juline....and it was fun to be all together as a family. It was a great night we are so proud of you Jalisa! Here are some pictures of the Oakland Temple.

Here's the Family: Dad, Mom, Taylor, Jalisa, Andrew, Haidyn, Caroline, Brady, Me, Linken, Jarett, Haylie, Ivie, Justin, and baby Evan.

Here's an awesome piture if San Francisco. It was such a clear day we could see all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Here's me and Linken!
The beautiful Oakland Temple!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My DARE Devil!

This video is Linken and daddy playing in the cold lake water. If you listen closely you will hear him giggle!

Here's Linken tubing with me. He was clapping and waving to daddy the whole time! I have a feeling this is only the beginning of his adventures. He is so brave and loves to climb on everthing and seems to have no fear.

Linken's Walking

Here's Linken walking... The is when he first started walking. He looks like a zombie with his arms out in front of him for balance.

Our Sunny Adventures....

Brady and Linken cruising on the b0at! Here's Linken's first tubing expirence me, Linken, Caroline, Haidyn, Fred, and Austin. He loved it...He was laughing and clapping the whole time.
Last weekend it finally got in the Mid 80's so we went out on the boat with Justin and the kids. The water was about 65 degrees but Linken loved it.... Here's Taylor , Linken, and Haidyn. Here's Tay-Tay
Here's Brady wake boarding
The other day I was picking up the house when all of the sudden Linken was silent and no where to be found... I went looking in all the rooms and this is how I found him... Playing on his Harley!! The first weekend in May we went out to Langworth to ride the horses. Here's mom and Linken on Simon and Justin and Taylor on Boomer. Linken loves to ride he was patting the horse and clapping the whole time.